A FLIGHT TO NAPLESwith scale in the Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is located in the center of Lisbon and is a neighborhood known for its narrow, cobbled streets, centennial buildings, small traditional shops and vibrant nightlife.

a nossa


EXECUTIVE CHEFGennaro Langella
Gennaro Langella

He was born in San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples) in 1981 in a family of four generations of Neapolitan pizzaiolos.

He began his first steps into the pizza world at age 13 at the family’s historic pizza place, which has a long tradition in the world of true Neapolitan pizza. He is currently a consultant / trainer at Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Participated in the creation of the menu and the formation of our pizza since the beginning of the project M’arrecreo.

Pizzaiolos TeamGabrielle / Rafael / Amit
Pizzaiolos Team

Our pizzaioli are formed by the  Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, respecting the Neapolitan artisan tradition.

Bar & Service StaffPedro / Tiago / Nuno
Pedro / Tiago / Nuno

Our team creates stunning cocktails with a friendly and happy service.


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